Project Management

We offer comprehensive services and operate as development partners in close collaboration with the landowner. Leveraging our expertise, we collectively undertake the management of the tasks of designing, constructing, and marketing residential or commercial properties, all aimed at maximizing profits for the landowner.


We offer thorough oversight and coordination, ensuring seamless execution from conception to the sale of completed properties. We engage our trusted teams of architects and consultants across all disciplines, utilizing our in-house resources and dedicated sales force to deliver premium properties tailored to the specific characteristics of the land. Our focus is on achieving the optimal aesthetic, value for investment, and maximizing financial benefits for all stakeholders involved.

We emphasize communication and collaboration, fostering transparency and efficiency throughout the process. By harnessing the property's strengths, we aim to optimize the success of every project.

By adapting our strategies to the nuances of every project, we ensure a dynamic and responsive management approach that aligns with the stakeholders goals.

Tailored Solutions

We recognize the individuality of each project, acknowledging the need for a personalized approach to tackle its distinct challenges and opportunities. Our strategy involves customizing solutions to align with the unique characteristics of each property. This encompasses engaging the right design teams, implementing value engineering techniques to optimize cost-effectiveness, and determining pricing strategies to achieve the best financial outcomes.

At C&A Toumazis, we believe in fostering strong partnerships with our clients throughout the project management lifecycle.

Through close collaboration with our clients throughout the project management journey, our objective is to cultivate a cooperative and seamless process.

Client Involvement

We encourage active client involvement, providing regular updates, and seeking feedback to ensure alignment with the client's vision. Our commitment to transparency and collaboration extends to decision- making processes, where we work together to overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities.