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Fig Tree Bay, 300m from Anemoni, elected 4th best beach in Europe for 2016

Fig Tree Bay, which is just 300m from Anemoni Villas, has been elected as the 4th best beach in Europe, by the ''Trip Advisors 2016 Traveler's Choice of the Best 25 Beaches in Europe''. Visit: https://www.tripadvisor.com/TravelersChoice-Beaches-cTop-g4, to find relevant information.

Among the top ten are threeGreek. The beach of Elafonisi, the Balos and Lagoon beach and Kleftiko beach. More specifically, Elafonisi ranked in 2nd place, Balos and Lagoon ranked in 7th place and Kleftiko beach ranked in 8th place  by travelers.

First conquered the beach La Concha Beach in Donostia, Italy, while in second place came the Elafonisi beach in Greece. Greece,Spain,United Kingdom and Italy are the countries with ''dual participation'' in the top ten best beaches in Europe.